The step-by-step instructions for submitting bids can be found here.

The vendor is solely responsible for ensuring timely submission of their electronic solicitation response. Failure to allow adequate time prior to the solicitation end date to complete and submit a response to a solicitation, particularly in the event technical support assistance is required, places the vendor and their response at risk of not being accepted on time.

If a vendor does not have electronic accessibility to submit an electronic bid response, the vendor must contact the bid’s buyer of record at least five (5) days prior to the due date of the bid to determine if an alternate process is available to accept the vendor’s bid. However, at this time under the current circumstances, electronic bid submission is the only certain way to be able to submit your bid response.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is MissouriBUYS?

MissouriBUYS is a secure eProcurement system for the State of  Missouri.

What are the main features of MissouriBUYS?

​MissouriBUYS has a public Bid Board and a public Contract Board as well as a vendor registration system that allows the vendor to self-register and self-maintain their account. MissouriBUYS also includes online supplier catalogs which state agencies use to purchase products and services electronically.

MissouriBUYS is used to post new bid opportunities which generates automated notifications to vendors registered in MissouriBUYS based on commodity codes entered during a vendor’s registration or profile update. 

Is MissouriBUYS a secure website?

Yes. The secure URL is

What is WebProcure?

WebProcure is the software application that is being utilized within the secure MissouriBUYS website for vendor registration, posting and awarding solicitations and bids, sending email notifications to prospective vendors, and providing a way for users to easily view awarded contract information. MissouriBUYS / WebProcure includes online supplier catalogs and is also being used for processing orders and payments for products and services.

How does MissouriBUYS benefit vendors?

Vendors can easily view business opportunities posted on the public Bid Board, electronically submit bids or proposals if registered as a vendor in MissouriBUYS, receive automated notifications of bid opportunities, and review award results and postings electronically. MissouriBUYS is a one-stop-shop that includes online supplier catalogs that state agencies can use to purchase products and services electronically. In addition, vendors only have to register once for multiple state agencies rather than having to contact separate state procurement offices to be added to their bidder lists. Vendors are also able to self-maintain/manage their vendor profile in MissouriBUYS.

How does MissouriBUYS benefit state agencies?

State agencies have the ability to advance from requisition to receipt of products quickly and effectively. MissouriBUYS modernized purchasing operations, streamlined processing orders and payments, and enabled state agencies to place orders electronically through an online shopping experience. Bid opportunities are posted on the consolidated Bid Board eliminating the need to maintain a separate bid site for their agency’s procurements.

Vendor Registration

How does a vendor register in MissouriBUYS?

Vendors must complete the online form located in MissouriBUYS. Click on the Register button on the website ( or go directly to

What will I need to register as a vendor in MissouriBUYS?

A Vendor Registration Checklist can be found on the MissouriBUYS website under Resources.

What commodity/service code system is being used in MissouriBUYS? How can I find my applicable commodity/service code(s)?


The state is using the UNSPSC commodity/service code set in MissouriBUYS. Users can search and select applicable UNSPSC commodity/service code(s) when registering as a vendor. 


Why is it important to select a commodity/service code for my business?

Registering in MissouriBUYS and selecting the appropriate UNSPSC code(s) for your business will subscribe you to receive automated email notifications of bid opportunities based on commodity code matches. Registering will also make it easier for your business to find bid opportunities.

I need help with vendor registration. Who should I contact?

Several step-by-step Vendor Registration Instructional Guides can be found on the MissouriBUYS registration page ( to assist you with the registration process. There is also a document to help you edit your profile once registered. If you need additional assistance with vendor registration or navigating the WebProcure system within MissouriBUYS, please email or call the WebProcure Technical Support team at sends e-mail) or (866) 889-8533.

What happens if I don’t register as a vendor in MissouriBUYS?

If you are not registered in MissouriBUYS, you will not receive automated bid notification(s) when bid opportunities are added to the Bid Board. A contract cannot be awarded to a vendor through MissouriBUYS if they are not an approved vendor in the system, and awarded contracts cannot be set up in MissouriBUYS for easy ordering by agencies if the contracted vendor is not an approved vendor in MissouriBUYS. In addition, vendors who do not register in MissouriBUYS are unable to submit electronic bid responses.

How do vendors provide registration information "later" (which is an option for some information)?

Once you provide the minimum data required to register, you can log in at any time later to provide this additional information by selecting My Account from the User Menu dropdown located by your name in the upper right hand corner. In addition, an "Instructions for Editing and Managing Your Vendor Profile" document can be found on the website. Please note, however, that you cannot become an approved vendor until your completed and signed W-9 has been uploaded and verified in MissouriBUYS.

When I register in MissouriBUYS, is my information shared?

Your information will be visible only to the State of Missouri and to any other WebProcure Buying Organization(s) you select to do business with.

How will the demographic information be used?

If your company operates only in select locations of the State of Missouri, you can select the counties where you are available to provide products and services when you register. If you support statewide service, no action is necessary when registering (i.e. ‘statewide’ is automatically set as the default).

How can I update the Missouri Counties Served in my vendor profile?

Click on the drop down arrow by your name at top right corner, go to My Account and expand Account Management (i.e. click on the ‘+’ sign). Expand State of Missouri (i.e. click on the ‘+’ sign), select Additional Required Attributes, and scroll down to the Counties Serving section. Check or uncheck the appropriate counties and click Save. When initiating setting up your vendor profile, vendors can select regions or individual counties; however, when updating the vendor profile, counties can be selected but not regions.

How can I register our organization with multiple branches or locations?

Organizations with multiple branches or locations can register as a single vendor if the Corporate Office is the main office doing business with the State and the other offices are providing supporting roles like Bids/Solicitations, Purchase Orders, and Remittance for the corporate office. In this instance, you should register as a single vendor and load the other locations as the appropriate contacts within the vendor profile. If, however, the multiple business locations could all have separate or separately paid contracts with the State, then each location needs to register separately as a vendor and indicate they are a 'branch' for the organization. In this case, each location could have its own Main Contact, Bid/Solicitation Contact, Purchase Order Contact, Contract Contact, and Remittance Contact. Vendors registering as a 'branch' location should enter the tax ID number for their headquarters.

Do I have to select a commodity/service code when I register? I do not wish to receive notifications on solicitations.

You are not required to select commodity/service codes when you register. By not selecting commodity/service codes, you will not receive notifications on solicitations.

How do I become an "approved" vendor in MissouriBUYS?

Once you’ve completed and submitted the registration form, the state will review your registration. Please note Missouri requires that a completed and signed W-9 form be uploaded into MissouriBUYS in order to become an approved vendor in MissouriBUYS. When the registration review process is complete, an approved vendor will receive an email from the state confirming their approval status.


Once I register as a vendor, how and when will I receive notifications about bid opportunities?

Automated email notifications for bid opportunities are sent to registered vendors based on the applicable commodity/service code(s) associated with the bid.

How do I find bid opportunities in MissouriBUYS?

Vendors are able to view bids posted by the Division and other state agencies on the MissouriBUYS Bid Board, which is located at

Will I see other bid opportunities, beyond those posted by the State of Missouri?

Yes, since WebProcure is an eProcurement system used by other buying organizations outside the State, you may see other bidding opportunities. Once registered, you can locate a list of participating buying organizations and may select which ones from which you are interested in receiving bid solicitations by clicking My Account, maximizing the Account Management section, and then clicking Add New Buyer. In order to respond to solicitations from other buying organizations, you may have to provide additional information required by those entities.

Can I view bid opportunities or see the Bid Board without being registered?

Yes, you can click on the Bid Board button on MissouriBUYS and download bid documents without registering as a vendor.

How do I retrieve my draft bid response and submit it?

Login to MissouriBUYS and click on View Current Solicitations from the Solicitations drop down. Search for the bid opportunity on the My List or Other Active Opportunities page. Once you locate the bid, you will see Draft as your Status which indicates that you have saved a draft response. Click on the response number to open the bid. Make your edits and click Save. Once edits are complete, click Review & Submit which will take you to the Review Response page. When ready, hit Submit to send the bid response electronically.

Where can I find my draft bid response which was created and saved from a bid on the "Other Active Opportunities" page?

If you created a draft bid response to a bid opportunity you found on the Other Active Opportunities page, your draft response will be found on that page. Click on View Current Solicitations in the Solicitations drop down. Click on Other Active Opportunities and search for the bid. Once you officially submit your bid response, the bid opportunity will move to your My List tab and you will see Responded in the Bid Status field.

Is there a way for me to confirm that my electronic bid response was successfully submitted?

Vendors responding to bids electronically through MissouriBUYS can edit the Bid Notification section of their vendor profile/account to designate the organizational contact(s) who should receive automated notifications for bid response submission. When a vendor hits Submit to send an electronic bid response, the designated contact(s) will receive an automated email that the electronic bid response was submitted successfully.

Once you officially submit your bid response, the bid opportunity will appear on the My List tab and you will see Responded as the status.

How do I set up automated bid response submission notification?

The vendor’s main contact in MissouriBUYS needs to log in to MissouriBUYS. Click on the drop down arrow located next to their name in the upper right hand corner and click My Account. In the upper left hand side of the screen, click Edit Main Org Info. Scroll down the screen to the Bid Notification section or click on the Bid Notification hyperlink in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Check the appropriate box(es) for the organizational contact(s) that should receive the automated notification of electronic bid response submissions. Click Save. If you are unsure who is listed as your organization’s contacts, click on Edit Contacts in the menu in the upper left corner of the screen. The contact information will populate. If edits are necessary to any of the contact information fields, the vendor should make the edits and click Save.