Explore Missouri Government Bid Opportunities Using Bid Locator Tool

The MissouriBUYS Bid Locator Tool, powered by the InstantMarkets application, is a consolidated search page that can be used to LOCATE Missouri government (i.e. local, state, federal) bid solicitations throughout Missouri. This new tool is a search engine that crawls Missouri’s public sector websites helping vendors find additional public bid opportunities without having to search multiple sites saving valuable time.

The black “FILTERS” button (below on the right) allows users to conduct a search by keyword, locations, timeframes, and many others. Users can select the bid that interests them and be redirected to the government agency’s website for all the remaining details. The black “HELP” button (below on the right) provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the Bid Locator Tool to search for relevant bid opportunities. Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions about the MissouriBUYS Bid Locator Tool.

To view current governmental entities searched by the Bid Locator Tool, click here. If you see a governmental entity we are missing, let us know by clicking here.