Information For Vendors

ATTENTION: The domain for outgoing emails generated from MissouriBUYS has changed.
Vendors will now receive emails from MissouriBUYS instead of WebProcure.

Welcome to the State of Missouri’s secure, statewide eProcurement system – a one-stop-shop for procurement in Missouri.

Missouri’s web-based eProcurement system within the MissouriBUYS website is powered by WebProcure, through our partner, Perfect Commerce. The user-friendly system provides vendor registration, electronic bid notification to registered vendors, online bidding, document submittal capabilities, electronic reminders and notifications and much more.

Vendors Need to Register

Vendor registration in MissouriBUYS was launched on August 31, 2015. All vendors who sell products and/or services to the state need to ensure their business is registered with the Office of Administration through MissouriBUYS. Registering in MissouriBUYS as soon as possible is important so you don’t miss receiving bid opportunity notifications from the State of Missouri.

Transition of Bid Postings

Following the rollout of vendor registration, the State of Missouri's former On-Line Bidding/Vendor Registration website has been phased out. On September 8, 2015 the Division of Purchasing began using the MissouriBUYS Bid Board to post new bid opportunities which generates automated notifications to vendors registered in MissouriBUYS based on commodity codes entered during a vendor’s registration or profile update. Additional state agencies began transitioning their bid postings in July 2016, and a complete transition of all agencies will continue through 2018.

As we transition agency bid postings into MissouriBUYS, we encourage all vendors to continue monitoring existing agency bid sites to determine if there are bid postings not yet listed on MissouriBUYS. During an agency’s transition, MissouriBUYS may not contain all solicitations posted for the agency; some postings may still be on the agency’s bid site. For an updated listing of agency transitions to MissouriBUYS and where an agency’s bid postings can be found, please go here. Please note that this listing may change frequently.

Transition of Purchases by State Agencies

State agencies have begun initiating purchases for products and services in MissouriBUYS. Until all state agencies have transitioned to the utilization of MissouriBUYS for all purchases, vendors may receive purchase order requests through MissouriBUYS/WebProcure (from or directly from the state agencies. When fully implemented, requisitions, purchase orders, catalogs/contracts, receipts and invoices will be initiated and processed through MissouriBUYS/WebProcure.

Updates and announcements will be posted on the MissouriBUYS website. Check back frequently for new information regarding this new and exciting procurement tool for the State of Missouri.