MissouriBUYS is a new, secure web-based eProcurement system being implemented by the State of Missouri that will result in greater procurement efficiencies statewide and improved access to business opportunities by vendors and small businesses. When fully implemented, MissouriBUYS will be a user-friendly, one-stop-shop for procurements by the state.

MissouriBUYS will replace the state’s current On-Line Bidding and Vendor Registration System with a consolidated bid board, automated notifications of bid opportunities to registered vendors, and a new vendor registration system that allows the vendor to self-register and self-maintain. When fully implemented, MissouriBUYS will also include a virtual marketplace that will consist of online supplier catalogs which state agencies and political subdivisions will be able to use to purchase products and services electronically.

Following the rollout of vendor registration on August 31, the State of Missouri On-Line Bidding/Vendor Registration website began to be phased out. On September 8, 2015, the Division of Purchasing began using MissouriBUYS to post new bids which will generate automated notifications to vendors registered in MissouriBUYS based on commodity codes entered during a vendor’s registration. Additional state agencies will begin transitioning their bid postings in March, with a complete transition of all agencies in 2016.

The implementation of MissouriBUYS will occur in phases beginning in August 2015, with completion of all phases occurring in 2016.

Perfect Commerce is the State of Missouri’s partner for the implementation of MissouriBUYS, the state’s new web-based statewide eProcurement system. The MissouriBUYS system utilizes Perfect Commerce's WebProcure application.

WebProcure is Perfect Commerce’s software application that will be used within the secure MissouriBUYS website to post solicitations and bids, send email notifications to prospective vendors, and process orders and payments when the system is fully implemented.

As of August 31, 2015, businesses can no longer register as a vendor or update their vendor information on the OLB website. Vendors will still be able to access bid and solicitation information on the OLB site for Division of Purchasing bids entered into OLB prior to September 8, 2015. Any bids/solicitations issued by the Division of Purchasing with a bid posting date on or after September 8, 2015 will only appear in the MissouriBUYS system.

Once MissouriBUYS is fully implemented, vendors will be able to easily view and respond to business opportunities posted on a consolidated bid board by state agencies, universities and political subdivisions; electronically submit bids or proposals; and review award results and postings electronically. MissouriBUYS will be a one-stop-shop that will also include an online virtual marketplace consisting of supplier catalogs that state agencies, universities and political subdivisions can use to purchase products and services electronically once the system is fully implemented.

State agencies will have the ability to advance from requisition to receipt of goods more quickly and effectively. MissouriBUYS will modernize purchasing operations, streamline process, and enable state agencies to place orders electronically using the virtual marketplace. As a state agency transitions to MissouriBUYS, their bid opportunities will be posted on the consolidated bid board eliminating the need to maintain a separate bid site for their agency's procurements.

Once fully implemented, universities and political subdivisions will have the ability to post bid opportunities on the consolidated bid board in MissouriBUYS. The new system will also provide improved access to state bids and contracts, the ability to easily purchase products electronically through the virtual marketplace of online supplier catalogs, and an easier way to do business with vendors.

Vendor Registration

Yes, in order to receive automated notifications for new solicitations, or to respond to solicitations posted on or after September 8, you must re-register in the new MissouriBUYS system. Vendor registrations in the State of Missouri On-Line Bidding/Vendor Registration system (OLB) were not imported into MissouriBUYS.

You may register as a vendor in MissouriBUYS now.

You must complete the online form located on the following webpage:

A Vendor Registration Checklist has been posted on the MissouriBUYS website under training.

The state is using the UNSPSC commodity/service code set in MissouriBUYS. Users will be able to search and select applicable UNSPSC commodity/service code(s) when registering as a vendor. Missouri requires at least one UNSPSC code be selected in order to become an approved vendor in MissouriBUYS.

Registering in MissouriBUYS and selecting the appropriate UNSPSC code(s) for your business will subscribe you to receive email notifications of solicitations using those commodity codes posted by the State of Missouri in MissouriBUYS. It will also make it easier for your business to find bid opportunities.

The State of Missouri On-Line Bidding/Vendor Registration (OLB) website, currently housed on the Division of Purchasing’s website, is being phased out and replaced by MissouriBUYS. The state’s central purchasing office (Division of Purchasing) began using MissouriBUYS on September 8, 2015 as its new bid posting and automated notification site. The Division of Purchasing will no longer post bid solicitations on the OLB site.

As of September 8, 2015, if you are not registered in MissouriBUYS, you will not receive automated bid notification(s) when the Division of Purchasing adds bid opportunities to the bid board. As additional state agencies transition to MissouriBUYS, their specific agency bids will also be posted in MissouriBUYS and no longer on their agency bid site.

Once you provide the minimum data required to register, you can log in at any time later to provide this additional information by selecting "Edit Profile" from the "User Dropdown". However, you cannot become an approved vendor until your signed W-9 has been uploaded.

Your information will be visible only to the State of Missouri and to any other Buying Organization(s) you select to do business with.

If your company operates only in select locations of the State of Missouri, you can select the counties where you are available to provide products and services when you register. If you support statewide service, no action is necessary when registering (i.e., 'statewide' is automatically set as the default).

You will still need to re-register in the new MissouriBUYS system and provide your ACH-EFT information to ensure that automated payments can continue.

Organizations with multiple branches or locations can register as a single vendor if the Corporate Office is the main office doing business with the State and the other offices are providing supporting roles like Bids/Solicitations, Purchase Orders, and Remittance for the corporate offices. In this instance, you should register as a single vendor and load the other locations as the appropriate contacts within their vendor record. If, however, the 5 business locations could all have separate or separately paid contracts with the State, then each location needs to register separately as a vendor and indicate they are a 'branch' for the organization. In this case, each location could have its own Main Contract, Bid/Solicitation Contact, PO Contact and Remittance Contact. Vendors registering as a 'branch' location should enter the tax ID number for their headquarters.

Click "User Menu" (drop down under your name at top right corner), go to "Edit Profile", select "Account Management", select "State of Missouri", select "Additional Required Attributes", and scroll down to "Select Counties Below". When entering initial registration, vendors can select regions. When updating the vendor profile, counties can be selected but not regions.

If you receive a Purchase Order from the state for any products or services, you do need to register in MissouriBUYS. If you are receiving direct payments from the state that are not for products and services and instead are for program reimbursements or other grant payments, you do not have to register in MissouriBUYS. Registering in MissouriBUYS allows any company to update their contact and address information (e.g., mailing, payment addresses) with the state when needed instead of submitting paper forms. If you are interested in receiving emails about future bidding opportunities, you can set that up by registering too.

Go to the MissouriBUYS website ( When you are asked about what "Commodity Codes" for which you wish to register, instructions will appear in that section which explain how to select the very first code which is listed as "(00000000) Unknown" and you will not be sent notifications on solicitations.

You are required to select at least one commodity/service code. If you do not wish to receive notifications on solicitations, you should select commodity/service code "(00000000) Unknown" and you will not be sent notifications on solicitations.

MissouriBUYS systematically assigns a new vendor number to each new vendor when they register. During the transition to MissouriBUYS, the state is able to cross-match the old and newly assigned vendor number for each vendor.

Missouri is assigning new vendor numbers that will begin with 'MB' with the implementation of MissouriBUYS. The state will be using both numbers for a period of time. There will be a transition to the new 'MB' number, and the state will retire the old vendor number at a later date. Existing and new contracts will be awarded with the new 'MB' number as the agency awarding the contract converts to MissouriBUYS.

Missouri requires a signed W-9 and at least one UNSPSC commodity code in order to become an approved vendor in MissouriBUYS.


Beginning on September 8, 2015, the Division of Purchasing began posting new bid solicitations on the bid board in MissouriBUYS. Automated email notifications for the new solicitation will be sent to registered vendors based on the applicable commodity/service code(s) associated with the bid.

On September 8, 2015, the Division of Purchasing began posting solicitations in MissouriBUYS. Vendors are able to view bids posted by the Division on the MissouriBUYS bid board, which is located at

The transition from the OLB bid posting site to the new bid board in MissouriBUYS began on September 8, 2015. Vendors who have registered in MissouriBUYS will receive automated bid opportunity notifications (based on commodity/service code(s) matches).

Yes, since WebProcure is an eProcurement system used by other buying organizations outside the State, you may see other bidding opportunities. Once registered, you can locate a list of participating buying organization and may select which ones from which you are interested in receiving bid solicitations by clicking 'Edit Profile', maximizing the 'Account Management' section, and then clicking 'Add New Buyer'. In order to respond to solicitations from other buying organizations, you may have to provide additional information required by those entities.

Yes, you can click on the Bid Board button on MissouriBUYS without registering as a vendor.